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How can I clean my machine?
Unplug the machine. Once it’s cooled, remove the metal pot and peel off the remaining residue. Our product is water-soluble so will come off easily and can be washed with warm soap and water. Use a gentle bristle brush if there are any stubborn pieces.

How many layers shall I apply?
This is up to your personal preference. As you familiarize yourself with the product, you will decide what works best for you. We normally suggest several thin layers-the thicker the application, the easier the peel off.

Can this be used on active acne?

Can this be used on rosacea/vasodilation?

Is this safe for psoriasis?

Is this product paraben-free?

Is this Is this oil-free? Non-comedogenic?

Which is the best mask for combination or oily skin?

The activated charcoal is the best choice for oily skin skin types since it absorbs excess oil while ensuring the skin stays hydrated.

Can this be used after waxing?
Yes, even in the most delicate of areas.

Can the masks be used after cosmetic procedures?
Yes, the soothing cucumber extract and gentle cooling sensation is a treat for post-peel soreness. Our products can be used to boost recovery and expedite healing after many cosmetic procedures, including microneedling, chemical peels and select laser treatments.

Can this be used regularly?
Yes, as this is an all-natural product, usage can be frequent.

Can I apply SPF after?
Yes, SPF is always recommended if you will be out in daylight-especially after any exfoliation such as in a facial.

What should be used after a mask?
We recommend finishing with an all natural serum such as SabrinaFan Skincare Serum HERE.

Can this be used all over the body?

Can this be used on pregnant women?
Yes, although there is a very low potency of frankincense, it is considered one of the few essential oils that is safe to use during pregnancy

Can this be used on men?
Absolutely—and because SabrinaFan doesn’t stick to hair or stubble, it makes for a fantastic option for men.

How often shall my client be coming back?
If your client is on an intense program with you (weekly for example) our product is safe to use however, the average 4-6 weeks is sufficient. To keep results for longer, we recommend using SabrinaFan Skincare Serum daily to maintain dewy, hydrated appearance, click HERE for more information

What is the shelf life?
Two years

Are the plastic containers BPA & phthalate-free?

Where is the seaweed from?
The cold Pacific Ocean.