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seaweed-infused products

5 Benefits of Seaweed for Skin

5 Benefits of Seaweed for Skin 1024 683 Chatonanderson@yahoo.com

In the past, seaweed was something you may have avoided unless it was wrapped around your favorite sushi. Now thanks to its rich antioxidant content and hydrating properties, seaweed has become a staple ingredient of products like SabrinaFan Skincare’s high-performance line of seaweed-infused products. During seaweed’s ocean journey, it absorbs vitamins, minerals, amino acids and…

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5 Benefits of Masking

5 Benefits of Masking 1024 683 andrew@mbncreative.com

Masking is trending like crazy— just look at social media. Everyone from teens and stay-at-home moms to celebrities and CEOs are posting selfies of themselves rocking face masks. It’s an excellent strategy—masks complement and maximize the results of a good skincare regimen. The benefits of masking can be immediate and long-lasting, especially when you use…

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